cooking classes in Indore

About Us

Famous for her extremely good awareness about cooking and preparing exotic dishes with her experience, Kiran Mangal is a name well-known among the cooking experts in Indore.

Precise calculation, an adequate amount of ingredients, and a pinch of love make all the dishes prepared loved by all. To carry her hobby further, Food World and Kala Clips were set up with a motive to make each person interested in cooking and art to be aware of the different ways in which it can be improved and utilized. With her special low- calorie food recipes, a good treat is made available for the health enthusiast. Food prepared with proper nutritional values is beneficial for all young and aged people. The aim remains the same. To expand the scope of healthy and tasty food among all the houses and all the food lovers

Food World

It all started with understanding the need for women to learn some delicious, healthy, and modern dishes for themselves and their families. We launched a dedicated full-fledged cookery classes where we have introduced simple yet tastiest ways to cook almost all Indian and international cuisines. Our dishes and cookery class learning package includes bread, cookies, cakes, curry, sweets, desserts, mocktails, traditional dishes, Indian food, vegetables, pizzas, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, coolers, and much more.

Kala Clips

Almost everyone has got some or the other hobby that makes them happy and keeps the person cheerful. Often, due to the lack of right guidance, most of the people give up their most cherished hobbies and habits. We, at Kala Clips, have brought a platform to enhance and give new wings to your favorite hobby. Our classes include Rangoli, Clay Work, Mehendi, Mandana, Calligraphy, Sketching, Abstract work, Ceramic work, and a lot more.